So, where am I going?

(At this point in time, I have no idea, is the short answer.) I was supposed to be out in the Maldives earlier this month, being the head coach and that, but the elections are holding everything up. Here is a Maldivian political snapshot to explain vaguely which is keeping me in NW6. I honestly have no idea what is going on due to the several degrees of separation between myself and Addu island where I should be coaching as I type.

BUT this is leaving me with a lot of time for self-improvement (!), soul searching (!), and completing a Level 2 Coaching qualification in Reading (…). Although it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, I had a reasonable amount of fun and I learnt how to risk assess things lying about on the floor which will come in useful in a place such as the Maldives, where there are lots of things on the floor I hear.

This sort of heralds the beginning of my “gap year“, or “gap yah”, depending on where you are from. My main fears are not of being attacked, or not making friends, but of just letting the time slip away through inactivity, be it on my part or others. I need to structure my year as soon as I can, both for my own sanity and, well mainly my own sanity: the main problem is that I need to find things to do a lot more than people want to help me find things to do. Working in a shop and pottering around will be interesting for a while, but why spend a year of my life not in university to do that?

Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to get my fingers in lots of pies… However in the Maldives all they eat is fish curry and pork will be banned, so all the pies will be over here for the minute. I might choose to spend this time reading, I hope I do.

Below is a picture of an octopus elephant



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