Get my rig on

Burly men at work with a plank of wood

For those who know about my formidable rigging abilities and general handiwork, you will be glad do here that it turned out to be a day of practicalities and fixing things. The morning was pretty lazy, but the afternoon at the boat area (I could call it boat tarpaulin) was the opposite. We had to clean the boats again, this time with detergent, which involved more running about than I would have thought. The main task, however, was to try and fix one of the bent riggers for the fourth and final double which is unusable without that rigger. Cue me trying to bend it with a big pipe, almost impaling myself and then going to the garage next door and trying to translate the problem into wavey hand movements. They misunderstood me initially and it seems my hand movements might have suggested I need a hammer; they duly presented me with one and when I shook my head and they looked like they finally understood. The man went away and returned with a bigger hammer. I walked them over to a clamp and explained that I needed to bend the rigger back into place. Their eyes lit up and three burly Maldivian mechanics (I am sexing it up a bit…) surrounded the clamped rigger and hit it with a piece of wood for a bit. They hit it to the extent that the two ends were in-line, the initial problem, but they put it out of shape in another dimension…. It will get sorted tomorrow hopefully. It seems that the rigger was bent while the last coach was here over a year ago, and while it hasn’t been bent much, no one has bothered to get it fixed.

For the moment I am going to have to make do with 3 doubles and a single for myself, but I am aware that we can’t afford much damage to any equipment, as finding the right sized spanner is hard let alone finding a replacement fin, for example. One really positive thing to come from today is meeting properly the two rowers who were selected to go from Addu to Korea in 2011 for a competition. They are both very switched on and they will be invaluable to the project.

Just as six approached and the Chelsea match beckoned I hopped on my new shiny blue bike and pedalled off. Only for Robo to shout something, it might have been my name, I can’t really ever tell… I looked to where he was gesturing after I had smiled and nodded for a bit, and I saw my rear wheel was punctured. He whizzed past on his scooter and said “puncture!” I said, “Yes.” I carried my bike for half an hour to get home. It should be fixed by tomorrow. I caught the second half of the Chelsea match, and was halfway through the Man U match when the TV turned off. I inspected “under the bonnet” as they say (behind the cabinet) and worked out that the plug which had been cellotaped together had fallen apart. No Arsenal vs. Liverpool for me 😦 .

Must go for a swim one of these days.


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