The IT Cloud

My Knight in Shining Armour *swoon*

Busy busy busy. Many things have gone wrong these past two days, but more have gone right, I would say. My laptop crashed so I took it to be repaired today. The technician frustrated me at first as he just Googled the problem and then when his colleague came in they just spoke in Dhivehi about my laptop and then started bringing up all those black and blue screens which look like they don’t belong in this century of computing. Those screens scare me.  Over the next two hours of painstaking fiddling, he came to the conclusion that it had to be reset, meaning all my programs were wiped. But he did pimp my laptop a bit with some crack programs, only a tekkie could find.

But enough laptop. To unwind from the stresses of my ailing technology, I decided to get up at dawn to watch the sunrise and go for a swim. I said this to Usama, the 15 year old nephew of my house owner to which he immediately replied “I will come too”, which seems to be his reply for everything. Nevertheless we agreed he would come around at 5.30. He rang me at 5am to say he would come around in half an hour. Cheers. But it got me up and we went, with Hasna his sister, to the beach. Of all the days I chose to get up at 5.30, this happened to be the day when a big flippin’ (excuse my language) cloud had to park itself right in front of the sun. I saw no sun, but the cloud could not completely hide the reds and oranges, and I got some nice shots, innit. It was still probably the nicest sunrise I’ve ever seen. Usama is representative of people on the island in general: everyone is so friendly and often any request you make of them will be met warmly and without fuss. I just casually mentioned that one of the bulbs in my room wasn’t working to a relative of my house owner and 5 minutes later, in Usama marched with a ladder and bulbs and he and his dad changed it immediately, but with a bit of squabbling in Dhivehi. It did feel a bit like Fawlty Towers….wpid-IMG_20131104_230228.jpg

Rowing today attracted a much larger crowd. There were 15 in total today, which is very exciting as with flourishing numbers, the possibility of a regatta looms over me. The aim would be to organize an event to promote the sport, and we could put the term “national competition” over it to draw attention to the sport and promote it amongst the local community. But that will be at least 6 weeks off, so for now the focus is on getting those who are rowing, rowing well.


That’s deep.


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