When it rains it….pause…


1000 fish? 2000 fish?

Exhausted from my sunrise and cyber gallivants yesterday, I slept in this morning. As, so it seems, did the rest of the island. For when I when out, it had just finished pouring with rain, and there was not a soul to be seen at 11am, while normally the streets would be, well they are never bustling, but slightly active. I bumped into my computer repair guy as I was gently cycling up the link road and we had a nice chat en route about fishing. I had my mandatory lunch of fish curry (what else?), and then went for the rowing session.

Before we got started I did an inventory of the equipment and spare parts just to know what needs to be bought for future use. Quite a lot it seems. Apart from the fact there are no spare parts, one thing that is quite worrying is that my “boathouse” is basically a pile of wet cardboard boxes full of watersports equipment in a, ahem, completely suitable 11,000 volt power source for the area. I often try to work out how many fish I could cook with 11,000 volts, but today I worked out that although we have a lot of plastic collars to put on blades, we don’t even have the screws to screw them on. In a few words, we can’t afford any damage!


Athletes performing my finely-tuned warm-up

My athletes duly turned up. But the rain put off a few; I even had texts asking “Are we still rowing if it’s raining?” I replied with “Yes.” I don’t play about. We had maybe 10, which isn’t as many as I’d hoped for. But the key players in the game all turned up, which shows there is a strong core of athletes who want to turn up and row regularly. We had a visitor in a local businessman who takes a great interest in the development in this sport; it is good to have him on board because he is very keen on investment and improving the quality of the equipment, which is sorely needed. The competition idea seems to have been well received from all parties so hold tight for updates on that!

I then went to the gym, where I met, guess who? My computer repair man once again. Zareer (again, not too hot on the names, so maybe not) is clearly a man of many talents. Can’t wait to chat fish and RAM (lol, could also be Rowing Association Maldives, see what I did?) with him over some bench press in the coming weeks.


Traces of Westminster Pink…. Pro Patriam Populumque.

Plans for tomorrow include several meetings with schools and board members of the Rowing Association…balls are rolling. As a sidenote, if you’ve ever wondered how a Maldivian nods, I’m about to tell you. Unlike people I know, instead of nodding their heads up and down, they seem to just kick their head back and raise their eyebrows. I suspected the first guy I met who did it had a twitch, which resulted in me trying to take no notice and as a consequence not registering he was saying yes. But many more have since done the same. I’m pretty sure they aren’t all twitchy as well.


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