Give a man a fish curry, feed him for a day…


A fish curry and an egglpant curry.

…Teach him how to fish a curry, feed him on his inferior fish curry for as long as it takes for him to forget the recipe. Yes, I went early for lunch for my “lesson”. It wasn’t quite what I expected, instead of cooking, I was observing and frantically noting down on my phone asking for names of ingredients as they were swiftly thrown together in the expert manner necessary to produce such nice food. I have some rough recipes. I will publish them separately, once I have found out the equivalent of vegetables referred to as “drumsticks” etc. Also be warned: quantities were not well explained, so my measurements are more along the lines of “quite a lot of…”.

During the preparation stage, the heavens opened. It seems Typhoon Haiyan is hitting us now. But fear not, fortunately there is no such terrible devastation as in the Philippines; I have just got my shoes a bit wet and returned to sandals. It has been raining constantly and pretty hard throughout the day, I feel I somewhat spurned the incredible “When it rains it… pause…” pun at the most pertinent moment. I definitely undersold that one. The result of all this rain is that the dirt roads have become grey paddling pools which resemble the powdered milk you get over here… It does add another dimension to cycling though, because I’m often tantalizingly close to toppling over and humiliating myself in the milky dirt/dirty milk, whatever you want.


The frogs are luvvin’ it.

The rain subsided for rowing, so I turned up. The kids came and promptly we were on the water. One nice thing about where we row, as you can tell from the pictures is that you can look out and see miles of uninterrupted sea. Today that feature formed the setting for our rowing to be interrupted by impending storm clouds. They came, they rained, they conquered. I could see the rain approaching very quickly, sadly my flotilla could not pick up enough pace to beat it. Within 5 minutes of the deluge, we had to come in because it was that strong. But it so happened that it was warmer to be in the sea than out of it when it rains so I followed one or two of the boys who had entered the sea, giving my nonverbal approval to the rest of the kids. It was then that I realised that while this project has the potential to be a lot more than just dicking about in the sea, the reason why it will work is because at its most basic level , it is about providing people the opportunity to enjoy their incredible environment and basically for kids to dick about in the sea under supervision. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was amazed at the amount of entertainment the kids managed to find. Said dicking lasted about half an hour and we got the boats in before yet another torrent came down.

I ended up being very glad that I curtailed the session, because within ten minutes of getting home, there was a power cut. This didn’t just interrupt my goings about, but the thirty people who had gathered here for a meeting about the elections had to talk in pitch black, which was some small consolation for my having to abstain from Premier League viewing. Poor reception meant my TV has since turned into a radio, cheers Haiyan.


Not a videogame in sight.


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