Did I go snorkeling? Yeah obvs, but at a price.

The day started incredibly, but then slowly tailed off, but the incredible start has rendered it pretty good overall. The start was my first ever snorkel. It was a pretty good place to start, and the first thing I ever saw was a Tiger Shark. Now that’s pretty cool. The guy I was with who has been snorkeling here for 15 years had never seen one of these either. Shame it was dead, well maybe not, I probably would have freaked out a lot, cos I was a proper n00b at snorkeling. Some guys had mistakenly hooked it and had to bring it into shore to unhook it. It was hayuuuge: about 10ft.  Misbah my guide told me that it was the equivalent of seeing a slain lion, it’s the big pred in the Maldives.

I then got to get laughed at while I struggled to walk over coral rocks to the sea, and while I gagged on sea water when I used my snorkel. But then, once I took my undignified scrabble into the water, all the humiliation was worth it. I put my head underwater and straight away saw hundreds of fish. We kept to the inner reef this time because the current was strong on the outer one. Misbah said that it was a “crap” day of snorkeling because the water was murkier than usual. I told him it was the best snorkeling I had ever done by default so I wasn’t going to complain. He again laughed at me when I asked if a sea cucumber was an eel, and they he laughed even harder when he told me told me to pick it up and I got sprayed in the face by what he called “sperm”… again, it was a day of firsts. I saw boxfish, parrot fish, clown fish, basically all the fish you see in Finding Nemo, which Misbah used as a reference throughout, reminding me of the actors who played each character, every time I nodded and agreed with him, although I had no clue if he was right. We then moved to the outer reef where I saw much of the same, but there was a shoal of Doreens (the blue fish from Nemo, I don’t know its actual name) which was really cool to be so near to. Misbah has told me about the dolphins and sharks he has seen in the very same place and I have to say that I’m starting to think that life underwater is probably more interesting than above water at times.




You’re not my flashy smartphone…

Then we got out of the sea. I tried to text someone to say I would be late for lunch, but it seems that that waterproof case wasn’t actually waterproof (ok Cam, you win). So my phone is now being repaired, I hope, and that brings me to having my iPod, Computer and Phone all stop working in the time I’ve been here. Good photos of the shark were on my phone, but if I can’t retrieve those, Misbah took loads of clips and photos on his GoPro, so I’ll nab some of those. People (my mother mainly) say bad things happen in threes, but yesterday my back got a bit sunburnt and my sandals also broke…. so that seems to be 5, or 3 in one day, which I hope sets no precedent for tomorrow. I then spent the rest of the day a little bit grumpy, but of course the coaching cheered me right up. Until my sandal broke and my body reassumed its role as the sole source of food for the mosquitos on Hithadoo. Fish curry was nice as ever though.


The real deal, yo


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