Yeah, that’s right, watch me in the bathroom….

I’ve now been here exactly a month and while it’s been a great month, there are a few little things which leave me grinding my teeth in my sleep, namely being the victim of bathroom voyeurs…


The view from the loo

My skin has resumed the shedding process, much to my dismay. I fear I will start looking like a brown and pink Dalmatian soon. I am moisturising furiously in the hope of preserving a golden glow, with the sad result that on my shoulders and back it looks like I am donning a really tight brown superhero’s costume, due to the fact that if I move my shoulder, my skin doesn’t really move like skin, more like a handbag.


I definitely side with the left one

Facebook manufacture flimsy flip-flops.

My bike has given up and refuses to take me places anymore. It says that it hates being left out in the rain. Suck it up “Flashfin”.

This is the main one at the moment: next door there is a two-story house being built. It is a first for the area, being more than one story. This has evidently riled the excitement of the ardent construction team who start at 6am and finish at 8pm every day, laughing and joking and bashing away like true Stakhanovites. They are working tirelessly. Full credit to them, the house is looking pretty good now. HOWEVER, due to their efficiency, they have now reached the part of the house which requires scaffolding on the outside of the second story. While this may sound completely unremarkable, it has had severe ramifications on the way I go about my daily, ahem, business. And no, before you think it, I am not over-sensitive to the sound of banging of iron on concrete, but my main issue resides within the fact that my bathroom has no door. Outside showers are a brilliant idea, if you can guarantee there will be no overlooking buildings. For the past few days I have had to employ the highest form of discretion and bodily control, ever since three sunny mornings ago, while I was performing my ablutions, I heard shouts of “GOD MOOOORNING SAH!” ringing from the builders next door. I chose to ignore the calls, but they didn’t stop: “HHOW ARE YUU DUDAYYY BOSS?” I replied as politely as I could with “Fine, thank you”, finished up and retreated into my room. I have since worked out that they take a lunch break around 12.30….



Clouds look a lot better here than in England...

Clouds look a lot better here than in England… Oh HEY rainbow!


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