OMFG I’VE GOT A HOT SHOWER!!!!…in the Maldives.

Ok yeah, I have left a wonderful community in Addu and the kids moved me very much when they said goodbye (I didn’t succumb to tears, don’t worry lads, but come on, who makes signs like that!?). That’s great and all that, but all sentimentality was forgoten when I got to the Inn in Hulumale and I saw my SHOWER. YES. I have hot water and a shower head thing that is actually above my head, never had one of those bad boys before. Continue reading


Farewell Addu…for now.

My stay in Addu has come to an end. Sadly is the adverb you would probably use but I’m not going to use it because I should be returning in a month! That’s right, JamesGoes back to Maldives for more installments of “Big Night Out”, “Maldivian Product Reviews” and other such gems. But seriously, I have been really moved by the response I have got from the community during these eight weeks. I have never encountered any hostility or criticism and I have been treated even better than I could have imagined. Continue reading

Where’s Santa?…Not “In the Maldives”.

Winding down from all my exertions has made me appreciate the finer things in life. Namely, how I’m lucky to miss all of the Christmas hype in England. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of stuffed turkey and watching the Queen, but I do find Christmas advertising very sickening. No, I won’t buy your washing machine because you have put tinsel on it. Continue reading

Team Incision in the boardroom…In the Maldives

And breathe. The last two days have been so hectic that I have not actually done much walking, just been shepherded from one place and meeting to the next at high speed. In short, the regatta was a great success, despite a few hiccups and everyone enjoyed themselves loads. “You’re hired” would be Team Incision’s reward for sure. I have to thank all the volunteers, all the parents, the sponsors, Dhiraagu and everyone involved, especially the kids for making it such a wonderful day. Continue reading

Team Incision edge closer to the board room…in the Maldives


Santi Cazorla gave us a hand with the course.

Just as the middle thirty minutes of the Apprentice always goes, to continue the comparison, I and the rest of team Incision was running around like a blue-arsed fly doing everything I could think of for the competition. Almost uniquely, I have had a few days full of complete action whilst coping with the added stress the torrential rain threatening the viability of the competition. Continue reading

Yes, Lord Sugar… in the Maldives.

Maldivian planning goes like this: name a date, and then wait until a week before that date to start talking about what you are going to do. 6 days before you assess all the options and rule out the ones which will take longer than 6 days to arrange. 5 days before you get some verbal arrangements in place and then one day before you do absolutely EVERYTHING, balls to the wall. Continue reading