Some Shameless Advertising

As you’ve seen, my marketing skills are formidable. I’m going to give you another chance to see them in the following post.

This is two-fold:

1) Are you interested in becoming my replacement, here in the Maldives? Are you a qualified rowing coach who is looking for a mid- to long-term project to develop rowing at grassroots level in a unique community probably very different to your own? If so, contact me on to find out more.

2) Are you interested in ME? I need stuff to do next year in 2014 and I am happy to go anywhere and do anything, as long as it’s interesting enough. My life is a blank(ish, I mean I still have my birthday on the calendar)  canvas for seven months or so, do YOU want to be the artist? I like writing, but I only like writing if I have something cool and interesting to write about, so if you help me find something to do, you can look forward to my writing continuing. Again contact me on

Today was very rainy, and I may have promised someone that I will play football at 6.30AM before rowing at 8.15. I’ll probably regret that.




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