Team Incision edge closer to the board room…in the Maldives


Santi Cazorla gave us a hand with the course.

Just as the middle thirty minutes of the Apprentice always goes, to continue the comparison, I and the rest of team Incision was running around like a blue-arsed fly doing everything I could think of for the competition. Almost uniquely, I have had a few days full of complete action whilst coping with the added stress the torrential rain threatening the viability of the competition. Today for example, first we had the rowing session at 8am, then I had to go and put up the buoys on the rowing course (instead of buoys we have yellow cooking oil vats) and then collect posters, distribute them,  conduct another rowing session, design and print certificates, coordinate the tents to be erected on the site and and and. Just lots of other things as well.

There are a few things which I’m not too sure about, firstly the length of the course was measured by placing one end of a long rope next to another so its roughly 300m. So I’m guessing we won’t be submitting any official world bests to FISA…  The big yellow plastic boxes were then but then again I’m not sure. Also on reflection, a few of the races I’ve scheduled seem horribly mismatched, but you never know, we might get a few surprises. Having seen the finished product of the race course, which everybody insists on calling a “track” I’m actually very impressed. It’s not Dorney Lake, but it is more than good enough given what we have available to us.

The buoys and the boys, both eager for the new addition to the harbour.

The buoys and the boys, both eager for the new addition to the harbour.

I was disappointed to hear that the coach, Caesar David (not his real name, but his dream name), from my old school failed to make his flight on Wednesday. Traffic on the A3 kept him from his calling. What this means is that he will arrive in the middle of the regatta to share in the spoils of glory When I explained the reason, I got blank expressions and questions like “What, a traffic jam of motorcycles?” but I reassured them that everything would be okay, even without the hallowed figure of Caesar.

Things still left to do are get the prizes, put up the tents and sort out the prizegiving ceremony, but I’ll probably just wing that one with charisma and putting others on the spot because “they have been dying to say a few words”, a tactic which never fails.

I apologise for the sparseness of my writing of late. But you will be glad to know that I have been doing lots of other writing through other mediums, so it’s ticking over.


Grass roots marketing and advertisement.

Grass roots marketing and advertisement.


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