Team Incision in the boardroom…In the Maldives

And breathe. The last two days have been so hectic that I have not actually done much walking, just been shepherded from one place and meeting to the next at high speed. In short, the regatta was a great success, despite a few hiccups and everyone enjoyed themselves loads. “You’re hired” would be Team Incision’s reward for sure. I have to thank all the volunteers, all the parents, the sponsors, Dhiraagu and everyone involved, especially the kids for making it such a wonderful day. DSC_6953

My day started at 5am and I left the racecourse at 7pm. I was fudging my pants about the weather, as storms were forecasted, instead we got slightly overcast, which denied us the stunning blue sky backdrop I was hoping for and meant that in photos I looked pasty white instead of golden brown. But hey, it didn’t rain. I was very very uptight with everyone for large portions of the day. So much so that by the time the awards ceremony came, and I had to present all the prizes on the microphone, in the official podium photos you can see me looking on as if I’ve just been smacked in the face, but you shouldn’t worry, it was just fifteen hours of tension being released by my facial muscles. But I don’t apologise at all for my grumpiness, because it couldn’t have gone better. I learnt: Getting angry = people do stuff.

Kids doing stuff because I got angry

Kids doing stuff because I got angry

The races went reasonably smoothly, without any crashes. This was surprising considering the steering was absolutely atrocious at time; I’m not going to dress it up. Blind people could stay in a straight line better. But all the officials and timers did their job perfectly and while there were vociferous calls of injustice amongst some of the competitors, everyone was happy enough at the end of the day with the prizes and certificates they got.

Caesar finally arrived to bask in the glory of the regatta and as he is taller than me, the kids gave me a break for a bit and instead kept on commenting to him: “How big you are, are you giant?”. They waved him off today with a lovely gift of a model wooden boat, which is touching seeing as he was only here just over 24 hours, talk about weekend breaks…

But today was just as busy but for different reasons. We had a huge string of meetings, culminating in a wonderful afternoon at the

Bacon in bread. Nuff said.

Bacon in bread. Nuff said.

Shangri-La hotel. They were so accommodating and gave us a tour of the resort and a wonderful meal in the restaurant. I’m not going to be shy when I say: I had a bacon sandwich, and I flippin’ loved it. Soz Maldives.

Anyway, will break down the days more soon, but now, I must rest.  Oh and maybe James knows where JamesGoes next…








I got a bit carried away.

I got a bit carried away.



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