Plotting my return

I haven’t posted for over two weeks. My last few days in Male we so hectic and once I got home, the two-month Christmas build up that I had missed hit me with more calories and units of alcohol than I consumed in a week over there (two-months for alcohol…) in two days flat. By Boxing day it was hard to imagine that only three days previously I had been swanning around in a t-shirt and shorts, but then again it was equally as hard to imagine that in another three weeks I will once again be swanning around in a t-shirt and shorts.

So it is only now, after the last expensive remnants of the New Year fireworks have settled that I am dusting off my virtual armour to restore myself to Keyboard Warrior status of JamesGoes. I don’t intend to take up the mantle of posting everyday until my return as I am in the eternal predicament of having too much to do, but none of it is very interesting. Returning to the mundane was a bit of a come down, as was the cold turkey effects of no vitamin D WHATSOEVER in the UK for the last 14 days and I have been very disappointed with how quickly my tan has disappeared.

But my dermatologist shouldn’t breathe easy so soon, because as I mentioned two paragraphs ago: I’LL BE BACK. I’ll be bringing another coach with me, Jerome, who is taller than me and blonde, so he should stick out even more than I do, hopefully he will burn more than me (but not too badly, I’ll make sure my alter-ego, Melanoma Man has it covered). Together we will be tackling the fish curry head-on, although I’ll definitely be taking the head off my fish, Jerome can eat eye-balls if he so wishes. Who knows, he might write some posts, or have his own blog….

In the interim between my trips, I have tasked the kids with doing their own training so that they remain in good shape, and much to my pleasure, they are doing just that. Runs, circuits, swims, stretches: they are doing it all. When I return they know the goalposts will change as I’m going to be selecting a crew to go to a foreign competition. I think the trip means a lot more to them than I can imagine it does, since barely any of them have left the country and only a handful of them will do in the next 5 or so years at least. There are a lot of ways we will be improving the programme and the resources available to the kids who take part. In short, it is going to be a very exciting few months for me! Image


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