Songs of My Trip….in Sri Lanka

I’m pretty sure it’s something that happens to everyone: when you go on a long trip you can’t be arsed to keep putting new music on your music machine so certain songs just stick with you. They take on a new meaning and entertain you more than they ever have done before. Here I have five songs which have done just that: metamorphised into my memory soundtrack of my trip so far.

1. Heard It Through the Grape Vine

When they tell you about the Maldives, they don’t tell you that things get back to you quicker than they do on the Eastenders Christmas Special. Gossip is king in the small insular communities which operate on reputation above all else. I have left one community knowing a lot more compromising and sensitive information about these people than I know about most of my family. There were plenty of occasions where we would be sitting in a meeting and our arch nemesis, more to follow on him in posts to come, would fish out various libelous claims about us and our intentions, transmuted versions of things we had said and things we heard.

2. Just the Two of Us

At times it felt like me and my man versus the world. Enough said.

3. A Change Is Gonna Come

A song synonymous with the Civil Rights movement, this similarly got us through the hard times. Also, we completely stood out in the small community and there is no doubt that we were treated differently as a consequence.

4. Decisions

Up to this point you might have been impressed with my taste in music. Soz. I really like this song, and there is a simplicity and bluntness to the underlying concept that really stuck a chord with our occasional impulses to be coarse and obnoxious, as young adult males often do.

5. Rain over Me

I don’t know how, or more importantly why, but Pitbull has managed to secure untouchable status in the Maldives. He is the only “artist” you can rely upon to be blaring in the street from car stereos and mobile phones alike. The kids also had developed this annoying habit of singing this gimmicky song whenever it started raining. He also has more views on this video than 50 times the amount the other four have amassed on Youtube, so clearly the short, bald, slightly overweight Mexican look is the one to go for in certain parts of the developing world.


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