Going with the flow…in the Maldives

In the last few days, a number of opportunities have presented themselves, and I have taken them. I wouldn’t normally have done so, but I’ve thrown caution to the wind, and the results have been pretty good. Continue reading


Bedroom talk…in the Maldives

Now that I’ve arrived back in Addu, much has changed, much has stayed the same. A new girl has come into my life, Jessie, but more on that later. The weather, the food, the hunger for politics have all remained constant. What has changed is my housing situation. I have been moved to a location slightly further away from the rowing site. Where I live is a building site, very indie. Continue reading

Up in the air and then being an illegal…in the Maldives

Whenever I get on a plane, I tend to think about that bit at the beginning of Fight Club where Tyler Durden chats a bit about planes. He talks about how pointless the seatbelts are and how the brace position is only a technique established by the men in black to keep your teeth with your body for identification purposes after your plane has smacked a big rock. Continue reading

Plotting my return

I haven’t posted for over two weeks. My last few days in Male we so hectic and once I got home, the two-month Christmas build up that I had missed hit me with more calories and units of alcohol than I consumed in a week over there (two-months for alcohol…) in two days flat. By Boxing day it was hard to imagine that only three days previously I had been swanning around in a t-shirt and shorts, but then again it was equally as hard to imagine that in another three weeks I will once again be swanning around in a t-shirt and shorts. Continue reading

OMFG I’VE GOT A HOT SHOWER!!!!…in the Maldives.

Ok yeah, I have left a wonderful community in Addu and the kids moved me very much when they said goodbye (I didn’t succumb to tears, don’t worry lads, but come on, who makes signs like that!?). That’s great and all that, but all sentimentality was forgoten when I got to the Inn in Hulumale and I saw my SHOWER. YES. I have hot water and a shower head thing that is actually above my head, never had one of those bad boys before. Continue reading

Farewell Addu…for now.

My stay in Addu has come to an end. Sadly is the adverb you would probably use but I’m not going to use it because I should be returning in a month! That’s right, JamesGoes back to Maldives for more installments of “Big Night Out”, “Maldivian Product Reviews” and other such gems. But seriously, I have been really moved by the response I have got from the community during these eight weeks. I have never encountered any hostility or criticism and I have been treated even better than I could have imagined. Continue reading

Where’s Santa?…Not “In the Maldives”.

Winding down from all my exertions has made me appreciate the finer things in life. Namely, how I’m lucky to miss all of the Christmas hype in England. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of stuffed turkey and watching the Queen, but I do find Christmas advertising very sickening. No, I won’t buy your washing machine because you have put tinsel on it. Continue reading